July 9, 2016

Statement from Mike Renck, Democratic Candidate for Bastrop County Sheriff:

As a retired federal law officer, and son and grandson of police officers, I was saddened and appalled by the recent senseless murders of police in Dallas. But I have been equally saddened and disturbed by the number of killings of citizens by police, such as those that occurred recently in Louisiana and Minnesota.

As a candidate for Sheriff of Bastrop County, I am committed to equal justice under the law for everyone. My motto is “Justice for All.” That means treating all people fairly, equally, and with respect at
all times. If elected, I will put that motto in large letters on every vehicle in the Sheriff’s Department as a constant reminder to deputies and citizens alike.

I can’t promise there will never be any shootings. But I can promise I will provide the best training possible to department personnel, not only for protecting themselves, but so that “Justice for All” is an
integral part of their daily job. And I personally will work tirelessly to improve relations between minority communities in Bastrop County and the Sheriff’s Department.

We can change our country for the better. It will take all of us working together starting at the local level to do so. As a three-decade resident of Bastrop County, I am committed to doing my part locally, with your help in November.