Improving Efficiency 

Some of my first-year goals will be to increase oversight of sex offenders. Currently there is only one deputy responsible for the oversight of almost 300 registered sex offenders in the county, requiring a minimum monthly contact. I will divide that number across all deputies, ensuring effective monitoring of all sex offenders. I will prioritize prevention and investigation of child abuse, sexual assault, domestic violence, and animal cruelty.

Getting the Community Involved

Citizen involvement will be encouraged and facilitated through the Bastrop County Sheriff's Posse, which has already been incorporated with the State of Texas and will be the official citizens' auxiliary of the Sheriff's Office. Every member will receive Level 2 security officer certification training. They will perform duties such as Citizens On Patrol, searching for missing children and elders, providing officer presence at festivals in the county (officer presence being the greatest deterrent to crime), and involving people with skill sets other than just horsemanship, such as HAM radio operators, drone operators, and many other skills and talents.


On the corrections side of the house, I will work to get our jail accredited with the American Correctional Association. This will help secure more lucrative contracts with other governmental agencies who pay to house offenders. I will work with our county commissioners to provide nonviolent county inmate labor to improve our county by picking up litter on county roads and working in the county parks. I don't believe sitting in an eight-by-twelve cell all day is paying your debt to society, but working to improve the county for the citizens is. This practice will help inmates see the benefit of doing good works.

All of this is possible, with YOUR help. Please help spread the word, host meet and greets, put up signs, or whatever you can do to help elect your candidates! Thank you!

​I not only have a plan, I have the ability to put the plan in place...with your help.

I will be an active sheriff, putting my expertise in law enforcement to work for you. I will be in the field, working closely with deputies on patrol and corrections officers in the jail, getting feedback from them on how we can operate effectively and efficiently.

Mutual Trust and Respect

I will work to improve the public image and public trust in the Sheriff's Office, including training deputies in one-on-one communications. Deputies should be regarded as approachable and helpful, not feared. To do this we need to change the culture of law enforcement. We need to step away from the para-military paradigm. I asked my father, who was an Austin police detective, why he chose to retire before his mandatory date. He told me it was because of the type of officers that were being hired. When he became a police officer, officers saw themselves as protectors, but now the mentality is that of enforcers. In-house training will be put in place to modify this behavior and mind-set. Our deputies will be expected to treat everyone equally and with respect regardless of gender, race, color or creed. My campaign motto, which will be put on the doors of every Sheriff's Office vehicle as a reminder to every officer as they begin their duties and rounds, is the same three words found at the end of the Pledge of Allegiance, "Justice for ALL"!

Teaching Firearm Safety

We will sponsor classes for the public, the first three being in firearm safety—not how to shoot, but how to keep a firearm safe if there is one in your home; home security—how to look at your house as a potential burglar would and how to make it a less attractive target; and self-defense for women—how to protect yourself and stay safe until the deputies arrive.